About us

Perry Court Farm is a family run business with three generations of the Fermor family working together on the farm. 

Our veg box scheme - run by Cherry Fermor - provides fresh, seasonal produce delivered to your door. The majority of the produce is home grown from our farm, but we do have some items from local suppliers or further afield to appeal to everyones needs and fill some seasonal gaps. Got any questions about your veg? We have an extensive knowledge about our produce, including what field it came from, on which day and who picked it! Just ask when your box is delivered - we even have cooking suggestions.

We press our own juice on site, harvested from our 200 varieties of apples and we attend over 20 farmers markets across London with our seasonal fruit, vegetables and salad.
 On the farm we have a few 'pets' which include a flock of southdown sheep, chickens, geese, pigs and two miniature donkeys called Elvis and Murphy. We love the wildlife here, and dedicate acres of borage, wild flower mixes and beans for the vast array of birds inhabiting the farm and other wild animals. We have a few bee hives dotted across the farm and a beekeeper who harvests the honey regularly and maintains the hives, bees are incredibly important to the farm and we want to do everything we can to keep them happy!
Other items available through the website are British made, including local dairy items, freshly baked bread from Davies Bakery in Ashford or baked treats from our onsite tearoom and items from further afield such as Diana's dairy free chocolate from London, or Yorkshire Pasta, a pasta using locally milled flour and packaged in paper packaging. Or, why not take advantage of our refill section and cut out plastic once and for all? We have everything from washing up liquid, shampoos and conditioners to brazil nuts and oats.