Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas in Kent

If you're like many people, the holiday season has snuck up on you and you're feeling the stress of last minute Christmas shopping. If that sounds like you too then don’t worry - there are still plenty of options for finding unique and thoughtful gifts in Kent, and you’ve still got enough time!

1 - Visit a local Christmas market in Kent

One idea is to visit one of the many Christmas markets that take place in the area. These markets offer a wide range of handmade and artisanal goods, from delicious food and drink to handmade jewellery and home décor. In addition to supporting local businesses and creators, you're sure to find something special and one-of-a-kind for your loved ones.

One of my favourite Christmas markets is at Canterbury Christmas Market. This is held at Whitefriars Shopping Centre from Friday, November 11th to Saturday, December 24th from 10am to 6pm. There’s nothing better to get you in the mood for Christmas whilst also picking up some lovely, locally produced or sourced gifts. 

Canterbury christmas market

2 - Find an independent shop in Kent

Another option is to visit one of the many independent shops and boutiques in Kent. From bookstores and record shops to clothing and home goods stores, there are plenty of locally-owned businesses that offer unique and interesting gifts. 

You can also check out the local department stores and shopping centres, which are sure to have a wide range of options for last minute shoppers. The King's Mile Canterbury is well known for having a range of independent shops, so it’s worth popping there if you’re still looking for gifts.

The Kings Mile in Canterbury

3 - Experiences and activity days in Kent

Don’t forget about the many experiences and activities that are available in Kent. From theatre tickets and museum passes to cooking classes and outdoor adventures, there are plenty of options for gifts that create lasting memories.

What I love about that option is that it’s going to be a memorable gift, not just something that’s purchased for the sake of it - like yet another cookery book to stick on the bookshelf! You might even find a gift idea that you could do together, allowing you to both share on the experience.

Kentish Lady boat trip


4 - A handmade item from a Kent artisan/craftsperson

With the above you may find a great artefact by browsing the Kent Christmas markets, or from those independent stores mentioned earlier. But if not maybe you know of other artisans or craftspeople operating in the local area? There’s always the likes of Etsy if you can pickup the item locally - or maybe just do a good old fashioned search on Google for whatever item it is you fancy.

I found this lovely tea towel on Etsy from a quick 5 minute search! The seller may not be local but I'm sure you could find something if you spent a bit longer looking.

Tea towel map of Kent


5 - A gift voucher for Cherries and Carrot Tops’ veg boxes

Of course this article wouldn’t be complete without a recommendation to buy from our store! We now stock a lovely cheese box, perfect for a hamper gift, with a selection of blue cheeses, Brie, Wensleydale and others. 

Cheese box

If our cheese box doesn’t excite you as a gift idea, why not get them a gift voucher instead? We sell vouchers from £10 onwards, allowing you to let your loved one or friend choose the gift themselves. A gift voucher would be a great way for someone to subscribe to one of our veg boxes, where we deliver locally grown vegetables (and fruits) direct to your doorstep.


Found yourself a gift idea yet? 🎁

In short, there's no need to panic if you're still searching for the perfect gift. With a little bit of creativity and some exploration of the many options available in Kent, you're sure to find something that will delight your loved ones and make this holiday season an extra special one.

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