Box Contents

For w/c 19th April box contents will contain: 

  • Carrots bunch H
  • Beetroot bunch H
  • Spring greens H
  • Leeks H
  • Shallots/onions L The marsh
  • Mushrooms Or Courgettes (m/l) L Thanet
  • Chard (m/l) H
  • Tomatoes (l) L Thanet
  • Rhubarb H

+ if fruit pears H & bananas O

+ if salad lettuce L celery L pears H (L only - pepper) 

Salad box: Celery lettuce pears pepper L Thanet tomatoes L Thanet

Fruit box: Pears Melon O bananas 



H Home Grown   

E English 

L Locally grown 

O Overseas produce


Please note, whilst these are close to final lists, on the day some things may change if other items look better - we always want the best produce going into our boxes! Quantities reflect their box sizes, for example a Large box will get double the potatoes a small box gets. 

Below is a guide as to what you can expect in the veg boxes by rotation. 

1st week of the month

apples and pears

2nd week of the month

apples only

onion free week 

3rd week of the month

pears only

potato free week 

4th week of the month 

apples and pears

carrot free week