When will my order be delivered? 

Delivery information can be found here Typically we ask for 48 hours processing time, and it will then be delivered on the day relating to your area. 


I can't see my town/postcode on the delivery schedule, does that mean you won't deliver to me? 

Not at all! email us at vegbox@perrycourt.farm or via the contact form with your address and postcode and we will see which day will be the closest match. 


I have a weekly subscription but want to add something how do I do that? 

Two options:

You can log into your account and add it to your subscription, once it has been delivered cancel the subscription for that item

Or order the item but put to collect from the farm shop (so you don't get charged delivery!), just let us know you want to add it to your delivery. 


What if I have an allergy or don't want something? 

When you go to the checkout, you will see a 'not going to be in?' tab. Enter in there any requirements you have for your veg box and we will do our best to tailor it to your needs. Please note however we cannot guarantee boxes will be done up in allergen free spaces, if your allergy is severe please let us know prior to your delivery day. 


What if I am not going to be in?

When you go to the checkout, you will see a 'not going to be in?' tab. Let us know via that tab and we will put your order in a different box to try and keep the heat and water from it. Don't forget to let us know your preferred hiding place! You can also tell us to leave it with a neighbour. 


What time do you deliver?

We can't guarantee a time. However typically you can expect delivery between 9am and 12pm. You can select an early morning drop of 7am-9am if you have to get to work or have other arrangements. 


I don't want to keep my cardboard/wooden box, can you take it back?

Most definitely! We reuse all of our boxes, punnets, bags, rubber bands, egg boxes and beyond. Just leave it outside your door for next weeks delivery. The only thing we don't accept back are the juice bottles, but you can recycle them in your household recycling. 


When will my subscription payment come out?

To begin with it will come out the day that you purchased your order. For example, if you ordered Monday, the next amount will come out the following Monday. We will amend the date so it is scheduled for two days before your delivery (our order deadline day for that area)


What is my order deadline? 

Based off of your location, your order deadline is two days before delivery. Please be aware subscribed items are charged early morning so don't leave it until the end of the day! 


Any other questions? Email us at vegbox@perrycourt.farm and we will get back to you as soon as possible.